Amp Up Your Home For The Summer Sell

Dated: 06/27/2017

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Many buyers are on a time crunch to find their next home during the summer months, before kids go back to school and fall turns the corner. If you are planning to sell your home, summer may be the perfect time. What should a seller do to amp up their home to make sure it gets noticed by a potential buyer? Here are some easy tips to assure your home gets the attention it deserves without having to break the bank!

Curb Appeal

Don’t slack on the grass maintenance. Grass grows at an especially high rate during the summer months thanks to our bright Florida sun and rain. Keep it clean an trimmed. Hedges and bushes should be neatly manicured. Mulch can help areas with dirt look cared for at a relatively cheap price. A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to a gloomy house. Brighten up a dirty sidewalk with a quick pressure cleaning. Adding a hanging basket of summer flowers can add some color. 

Open up your Space

Buyers want space. Bulky furniture can make your home look stuffy and small. If possible, rearrange furniture or remove the bulky pieces. Ask a friend to hold them for you or place them in a storage facility. New throw pillows can update a boring sofa. Let the light in! Open windows to let as much light in as possible. Dark window curtains tend to darken a room, try removing them or replacing with a light color. If you don’t have much light to work with add a pretty wall mirror that can help transfer light. Clear counters, organize cabinets and closets. You want a buyer to be able to visualize themselves living in the home.

Think of the details

You want to invite a buyer in and make them feel like they don’t want to leave. Fresh fruit in a fruit bowl, flowers in a vase, a new welcome mat at the front door can say “stay”. A pleasant home fragrance can also be soothing. Try lavender or eucalyptus. Set your thermostat at a cool temperature, and turn on fans. A hot buyer is going to rush through the home in a hurry to leave. Most important greet everyone with a smile.

As always, I'd love to help you sell your home either as your realtor or even just to help with some advice if you are planning to tackle the challenge on your own!

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