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From fold-away office space to vertical indoor gardening, these hacks are life-changers.

small space livingRock My Style BY,AND JAN 9, 2018 1.2K

If there's any trend we won't be escaping any time soon, it's downsizing. Tiny homes are a national phenomenon, and the lifestyle changes associated with low-impact living — from composting to conscientiously tidying up — have made their way into our daily routines. For many city dwellers (and an increasing number of suburban dwellers, too), small space living is the only option. But that doesn't mean it has to be any less intentional.

Here, we've rounded up our favorite hacks for making the most of your small space, wherever you are.

1. CART ITsmall home hacksMatthew Williams / Remodelista: The Organized Home

In their new book Remodelista: The Organized Home, Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick demonstrate their organizational know-how with savvy tips for maximizing space.

"From bar carts to industrial trolleys, there’s a range of compact wheeled storage ideal for corralling collections of items in one place. Carts, of course, are easy to move, so they can be rolled out for use or tucked away as needed."


Reprinted with permission from "Remodelista: The Organized Home" by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick. Published in 2017 by Artisan, a division of Workman Publishing Co., Inc.

2. VERTICAL GREENERYsmall space livingLana Red Studio

No garden (or no yard at all)? No problem! This DIY wall planter from Lana Red Studio gives you plenty of greenery, without taking up any counter or floor space. Utilize an empty wall for this vertical garden and your space will instantly feel more peaceful.


This adorable little table from Sugar & Cloth can double as a plant stand and is constructed of easy-to-find MDF and wooden dowel rods.

ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW 3. THE ELECTRONICS CHARGING STATIONsmall home hacksMatthew Williams / Remodelista: The Organized Home

"Keep your digital gear at the ready and combat cord creep by inserting concealed charging stations wherever they’ll come in handy. "

Suggestions include: "a divided drawer in an entryway and a pullout desk at the end of a kitchen cabinet."

Reprinted with permission from "Remodelista: The Organized Home" by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick. Published in 2017 by Artisan, a division of Workman Publishing Co., Inc.


This minimalist lamp is a stroke of genius—and one with a tiny footprint, no less. A repurposed stool, some paint and a lightbulb combine to make for an eye-catching small space solution from Monsters Circus.


With just leather scraps, one trip to Lowe's and a little ingenuity, The Jungalow blogger Justina Blakeney was able to make these versatile — and eye-catching — wall pockets.


A super-simple jumbo notepad with just a dash of beaded panache make for a simple, sleek command center in this office by A Pair and A Spare DIY.

9. THE INSTANT UTILITY CLOSETsmall home hacksMatthew Williams / Remodelista: The Organized Home

"A well-ordered cleaning closet (or wall) makes housekeeping chores easier to tackle, and it will also brighten your day. Create your own using a peg rail and a few trusty tools: select things that, to paraphrase Michael Pollan, your grandmother would recognize.

1. In the corner of a closet, a steel band of wall hooks by Room & Board forms a laundry wall. The wooden ironing board is from Williams-Sonoma.

2. Mounted on a closet door, an oak Shaker rail (from the Container Store) holds a lineup of basics. And in the closet, to maximize use of space, a vacuum is stowed atop an Elfa cart."

Reprinted with permission from "Remodelista: The Organized Home" by Julie Carlson and Margot Guralnick. Published in 2017 by Artisan, a division of Workman Publishing Co., Inc. 

10. COMPACT VANITYsmall space livingRock My Style

While a luxurious vanity is on many a home decor bucket list, some spaces simply won't allow it. The blogger behind Rock My Style has a solution: using a tabletop plank and IKEA brackets for a beauty station that takes up practically no room.

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