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6 Ways to Add Designer Style to Your Home

Want to add a bit of fashion-forward style to your home? According to celebrity designer Taniya Nayak, there are several steps you can take—both big and small—to put your dwelling on the cutting edge. Consider one of these DIY style trends, courtesy of Nayak and Frog Tape painter’s tape:
1. Create an oasis in your home by adding floral or banana leaf accents, and pairing pops of metallic gold with plush greens and crisp white for a look that is sophisticated, yet fun and exotic.
2. Go simple in a big way by layering multiple patterns on top of one another on smaller décor items, like pillows. The idea, says Nayak, is to create a look that combines “clean and chaos.” Another way to achieve this trend is to make bold statements with monochromatic colors. For example, start with a bright white wall, then paint your baseboards, trim, or window mullions a dramatic contrasting color, like black, for an effortless, yet powerful effect.
3. Go for a faux natural look with simple patterns that evoke wood grain, geodes or ocean waves. Achieve this by using earthy tones like browns, beiges and deep blues combined with vibrant neon colors to generate the effect of the northern lights around the home. You can also use a faux wood rubber tool to create the look of wood grain with paint.
4. What’s old is now new, says Nayak, so try painting a vintage chair in a bright modern color. This technique creates an eye-catching décor item that integrates into both retro and modern home décor.
5. Craft warm and personal spaces by painting an accent wall in a pastel color, like lavender. Then add a soft woven blanket, a macramé wall hanging, ivory plates on a wall or hand-crafted personal touches that emphasize a ‘made-with-love’ feel.
6. Achieve a New England preppy look that is classic and timeless by incorporating crisp white linens with navy blue hues. To cap off the look? Include camel-colored leather accents and a monogrammed pillow or two.
Any of the above ideas will add a fresh, stylish look to your home and help it reflect some of the latest interior design trends. 

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