Benefits Of An HOA

Dated: 06/14/2017

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    Usually when working with buyers I hear “I don’t want an HOA!” a lot. More times than not, this statement is followed by a face of gloom and dread. I get it! Trust me, I really do. When we think of an HOA we tend to think of monthly dues that can sky rocket at any given time, rules you need to follow, & a plethora of other hidden surprises. 

    I promise though, HOA’s are not as scary as the reputation they hold, of course, when we are talking about well managed HOAs. To help pull you out of the dark cloud here are a mix of facts and tidbits that will hopefully get you past some of the mystery. Who knows? You may even start to see the light! Maybe even open up some new home options in some pretty amazing communities. 

The Board  

They make the rules and govern them, after you vote them in . It's not such a bad thing! These guys can actually come in handy. If you’ve ever driven through a neighborhood and seen that house smack in the middle of a block, painted a godawful color (toxic turtle green or disco purple) then you know exactly what I’m talking about. What about home owners who leave those Christmas lights and decorations up all year long or landscaping that has begun to creep over the sidewalk (looking like some kind of creature from Halloween 2 years ago)? Management deals with these issues, helping to maintain a beautiful and clean community for everyones enjoyment.


HOAs have been known to offer an array of benefits that can actually save you money. Swimming pools, steam rooms, gyms, walking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, a club house, and the list goes on! If you had to pay for all these amenities separately you’d be spending some serious change. All these aspects are maintained for your enjoyment by the HOA, no need to schedule the pool guy! 


HOAs can usually work as a buffer between you and your neighbors. Unless you happen to be the neighbor with the uncontrollable barking dog, then you’d probably appreciate this little perk. Any complaints about your neighbors barking dog can be sent right to the board, they will in most cases deal with the home owner by either giving a warning or a fine. No need to get into a nasty altercation about Rocky the Chihuaua! This also comes in handy with neighbors who like to blast music and live it up till the sun comes up. Some people do enjoy talking to company without competing with a radio speaker and if thats you well then this is a big one. 


While not all HOAs provide security, many if not most do. Usually, security gates with or without a guard help keep intruders out. In some communities you will see a roaming guard on a golf cart keeping watch throughout. This doesn’t prevent crime but it does deter it and that in it self should give you some added peace of mind. 

While HOAs aren’t for everyone, its important to know how they can actually improve the area in which you live. It’s up to you to consider if the benefits are worth the price. Of course I’m always ready to help you on your journey to finding the perfect home (with or without an HOA!). 

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